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James Duesing is an animator who has worked in many forms, from traditional hand drawn and early digital work to 3D and motion capture projects. He has explored animation individually and collaboratively in film and digital forms along with its integration into installation, web eBook and print.


James Duesing’s work has been exhibited and broadcast throughout the world including: The Sundace Film Festival; PBS; Siggraph; The Berlin Video Festival; MTV; The World Animation Festival; The Southern Circuit; Showtime; The Movie Channle; The Learning Channel; The Stuttgart International Festival of Animation; Shanghai Animation festival,Peoples Republic of China; The Tate Gallery and the National Film Theater of London,England; Film Forum, New York; The Varna World Animation Festival, Bulgaria; The Hirshhorn Museum; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Japan; and the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. His work is held in collections at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Goethe Memorial Museum, Tokyo; The Isreal Museum and Video Data Bank, Chicago.   

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