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AIR assistantships are designed to help artists develop and exercise technical and professional skills while serving the needs of the organization and creating a dynamic learning environment in the studio.



AIR offers two Assistantship levels, one paid and one unpaid. There are limited slots for each. Each demands a 12-week commitment.


The Paid Assistantship demands 20 hours per week and the unpaid Assistantship demands 4 to 12 hours per week for the 12 weeks. Please be thoughtful about which level you are applying for and your ability to commit to the 12-week assistantship period.


Work Shifts are scheduled in 4-hour increments MWF from 12 to 4 and 4 to 8 and TTH 12 to 4. We hope to schedule assistantships between May and August 2024.


Individuals who are looking to support the organization by volunteering with a less demanding commitment should send a separate email and describe their interest.




Paid Assistantships demand high skill levels with digital and screenprinting processes. Experience with Relief and Intaglio printing is a significant plus. Experience with Lithography is beneficial.


Unpaid Assistantships demand an interest in printmaking and some artmaking experience.



Paid Professional Assistantship: This level of engagement demands 20 hours of studio time per week over a 12-week period. Hourly compensation for these paid assistantship positions ($15 to $17 per hour) are based on skills and capacities and will be discussed specifically during the interview process. Benefits (and responsibilities) noted below also apply to the Paid Assistantship.


Unpaid Assistantship: This level of engagement demands 4 to 8 hours of studio time per week over a 12-week period. There is no financial compensation at this level.  Benefits described below apply.


Universities have different frameworks for university credit. AIR does NOT provide these credits but works with Assistants and their faculty advisors to facilitate credits when possible. The individual student must pursue these possibilities.



After shift hours, assistants can schedule shop and equipment time with no rental or supply fee, and they can purchase materials from the studio at studio cost.


Assistants can also schedule technical assistance and learning tutorials from studio staff at no cost to the assistant. (Scheduling is contingent on studio staff availability.)



Shop Access: No costs for scheduled access to the studio and equipment.

Storage: One flat file drawer and three small storage drawers for tools and materials.

Equipment: Access to AIR’s screen inventory (you must cover consumable materials costs).

Materials: All materials purchased through the studio will be provided at cost.



Education: Opportunities to learn new print processes and develop new skills.

Technical Assistance: Consultation engineering projects and printing assistance.




During each work shift each assistant is responsible for completing the tasks articulated by the shift supervisor.


Lab Maintenance

General: Clear waste / garbage / sweep / mop floors

Print Stations: Wipe down surfaces / organize tools and supplies / proofing paper

Screen Inventories:  Organize / reclaim / coat / process.


Production Activities (Community Access / Projects / Education)

Deliveries: Organize materials / proof screens

Projects: Organize inks / proofs / organize drying racks / drawers

Print Sessions / Workshops: Organize stations / materials / tools / paper / ink

Outreach: Offsite printing events, school workshops, community activities


To Apply: send a resume, along with a letter of intent describing your interests to Include a link to a website or portfolio (or attach a sampling of images of your work).


A zoom interview will be scheduled to discuss possibilities and specifics. There are limited slots and limited staff so please be patient, but do not hesitate to send reminders.

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