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Golden Cage Portfolio prints are now available for sale. The two DS Kinsel prints below are part of this portfolio and can be purchased individually or as part of the portfolio. Go to The Golden Cage page to see all prints. For more information, send an inquiry to (More DS Kinsel prints coming soon).



DS Kinsel is an award winning creative entrepreneur and cultural agitator. He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, printmaking, collage, installation, curating, performance and public art. Kinsel’s work puts focus on themes of space keeping, urban tradition, hip-hop, informalism and cultural re-appropriation. Kinsel has worked partners such as Most Wanted Fine Art, Artist Image Resource, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Carnegie Mellon University Digital Arts Studio, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, The Andy Warhol Museum,The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, AS220,The Association of Art Museum Curators and the Sedona Summer Artist Colony as an artist, curator, and producer. 

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