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Presented in partnership with Artist Image Resources (AIR), The Golden Cage presents a portfolio of prints designed to serve as a medium for artists of diverse backgrounds to critique current socio-political issues such as historical erasure, oppression, xenophobia, and immigration injustices across the United States. The ongoing ideology that US streets are paved with gold has failed and confined citizens and non-citizens in many ways. Yet and still, the US remains the largest resettlement destination in the world, making this country into a metaphorical “golden cage.” Inspired by Jaula de Oro, which translates to Golden Cage, from a 1980s song by the Mexican band Los Tigres del Norte, this series of prints represents each artists’ unique perspective of politics, poetry, and cultural identity.


Featured artists include Darrell Kinsel, Bekezela Mguni, Robert Hodge, Maritza Mosquera, Robert Williams and Quaishawn Whitlock. Other artists whose work is featured here include Ayanah Moor prints (Say Cheese and Holla Back, 2003), and Vanessa German prints from her “Don’tSayThatShitOutLoud” project at Artists Image Resource.


AIR printers:  Feliks Pyron, Quaishawn Whitlock, Matthew George, Caroline Mead, Michael Budai, Michael Hegedus, Heather White, Jen Rockage, Lauren Bailey and Robert Beckman.


About AIR: Artists Image Resources (AIR) is an artist run, non-profit print and imaging organization established in 1996 to serve as a laboratory for artists, educators, and the community. AIR’s mission is to integrate the creation of fine art prints with educational programs that explore the role of the artist in contemporary culture. AIR’s primary activities are to initiate and facilitate projects with professional artists and to create active laboratory environments where artists, students and the public interact. AIR’s fundamental interest is in how print and imaging processes are being used in broader contemporary art making practice and how these practices impact and reflect culture.


Each limited-edition print from AIR is available for purchase. To inquire please send an email to with the subject line “print sales” and provide titles of the prints you are interested in.

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